Welcome to Sleepy Hollow Clinic

Our new website will be live soon!  Basic information below.

Please contact Annette on annette@maxitec.co.za to get more information.

ANTENATAL EDUCATION (private classes)

·       pregnancy complications 

·       labour & pain relief options 

·       modes of delivery 

·       complications of birth 

·       instrumental deliveries 

·       caesarian sections 

·       pain management 

·       perineal trauma & scar management 

·       postnatal care 

·       lactation 

Ideal for:

·       busy couples

·       single mums

·       adoptive mums (postnatal care, feeding and attachment)

·       refresher courses

·       tailor made classes specific to couple's needs

A 4-hour class either on a Saturday morning or 2 x 2-hour evening classes during the week, Monday to Thursday.

POSTNATAL – Lactation Consulting, Home or clinic visits.  We cover:

·       weigh baby, plot growth

·       feeding and sleep routines

·       breast feeding positions and latching issues

·       complications of breastfeeding such as mastitis, plugged ducts, low milk supply, over production, inverted nipples, nipple/teat confusion, cracked painful nipples, feeding after a breast reduction or other breast trauma.

·       normal infant output – urine and stools

·       maternal well being, wound inspection for sepsis, BP checks, blood loss, etc.

·       baby bathing and routine care

·       neonatal issues e.g. constipation, colic, poor suck reflex, prematurity, jaundice, poor feeding.




FIRST AID COURSES – 3 hour course, specifically focused on infants and children.  Email for dates and course information.  This course is ideal for new parents, nannies, au pairs, child minders, grandparents and for continued updates.


Sleepy Hollow Clinic is conveniently situated for moms living in Noordhoek, Kommetjie, Hout Bay, Llandudno, Fish Hoek, Glencairn, Simonstown, Clovelly, Kalk Bay, St James, Muizenberg, Westlake, Tokai